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Rose Hip Seed Oil - Botanical Ingredient Highlight

🌸 Rose Hip Seed Oil 🌸

For centuries, rose hip seed oil has been used by ancient Egyptians, Mayans, & Native Americans for it’s healing properties.

At AK Botanics, all rose hip seed oil is wild crafted + cold pressed, meaning no heat was used during the extraction process. This ensures that all vitamins and fatty acids haven’t been compromised ✌🏼

So what makes rose hip seed oil incredibly special?

🌱 Fights free radicals with it’s high concentration of antioxidants

🌱 Promotes collagen production with a rich content of Vitamin A + Vitamin C

🌱 Reduces the synthesis of MMP-1, an enzyme known to break down collagen

🌱 Packed full of fatty acids, such as linoleic (Omega-6) + linolenic (Omega-3) acid

You can experience all the amazing properties of rose hip seed oil with AK Botanics’ Anti-Aging Facial Serum 🌸

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